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Bored of plain wall paint or wallpaper? Need more texture? More depth? Dimension? Try covering your wall from floor to ceiling using one of the Mosaicona wall panelling options. Create individuality with choosing wood, leather or even fur. Your imagination is the limit. Mosaicona offers variety of


Our original mosaic tiles were created for modern and classical interiors. Mosaicona offers decorative wood mosaic tiles, reclaimed wood mosaic tiles and wall panels, metal mosaic tiles (stainless steel tiles, aluminium and copper tiles), fur and leather tiles, paintings.


Wood panelling

Wood panelling is made from natural wood. It is an excellent contemporary interior wall design solution. Even a small wooden detail on your wall will serve as a lovely interior accent. If you are looking for a natural and authentic product, Mosaicona wall panels will be the very best solution for your interior walls. Mosaicona offers wood wall panels and wooden 3D wall art.


Wall art with our interior wall panels

We offer a wide range of wood panelling. Wooded 3D wall panels look impressive when they are coordinated with wall lighting. This is an excellent solution when looking for something special for your interior wall design.


Reclaimed wood wall panels

To conserve nature, we collect old wood and give it a new life. Reclaimed wood that has spent more than 50 years in the sun, rain and wind without being processed will give your interior a sense of luxury and exclusivity. With at least part of your wall decorated with reclaimed wood, not only will you stand out, but everyone will know that you are responsible, and that you love and conserve nature.


Wood mosaic tiles for walls, floors and furniture

Inspired by nature and thirsty for naturalness, we offer wooden mosaic tiles that help create a modern and beautiful space in your home or office. The variety of wood patterns and unique textures, 3D look and endless design possibilities allow you to create a cosy, personalised and natural living space or work environment.


Wood mosaic tiles are produced by hand, the recovery of the unique grain of the wood letters and design. Mosaicona wood tiles are mostly manufactured from oak, which is exceptionally strong and resistant to external factors, and can be used not only for interior decoration, but also to provide more sophistication to outdoor walls. We also offer wooden tiles made from other luxurious woods, such as walnut, merbau or teak.


Wood tiles are a natural substance obtained from renewable natural resources. We only use wood from controlled forest plantations, and we only produce tiles from FSC certified wood, thus guaranteeing and maintaining the quality of our wooden tiles and protecting our planet’s forests.

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