Canvas is a fabric of strong material made of natural fibers (linen or cotton). The canvas is like an artist's sheet on which paintings are painted. In our company, photos are printed on solid natural or synthetic canvas. The canvas material is durable, so it is easy to stretch and fasten on wooden subframes.

Photos are printed on natural or synthetic canvas. The texture of a natural fiber canvas looks like a fabric. Each fiber is visible on the canvas, the unevenness of the fabric.

The fabric texture of synthetic canvas differs from that of natural fiber canvas. The texture of the synthetic canvas is uniform. Choose a synthetic canvas if you want to print many small details. Synthetic canvas retains the color of fine objects.

The canvas prints a variety of photos you want: birthdays, weddings, scanned childhood or grandparents, nature landscapes and motifs, modern art and its reproductions, as well as a selection of featured photos in online galleries. The photos on the canvas will be extremely high quality.

We offer a complete package of painting services:

• high quality handmade frames made of wood;

• printing of pictures, reproductions, photos on canvas by a professional wide format printer (solvent printing);

• Stretching a picture on a canvas on a subframe.